Helping A Sista’ Out- With Her Finances

Helping a sista out with her finances

 Stressed out Sista

Do you know when it comes to financial planning, that women face unique financial challenges that, if not appropriately addressed, could put you in a very difficult situation during your retirement years?

Facts about women’s finances

Well here are the facts when it comes to women and money:

Sista’s Financial Literacy is key

Surprisingly too, women are also passively relying on sources beyond their control to provide for their financial needs in retirement, such as husband’s, children or some good fortune.

Even as more women build careers in the business world, young women remain as uninformed about financial planning as it relates retirement finances as older women.

All of this makes it quite clear that now is the time to ensure that women realize how important retirement planning is to their future. Women need to realize that gender-specific financial issues mean that, in general, they need to save more money than men for retirement.

Given this need for more money and less salary earning means, women have a greater need to understand investments and its impact on their retirement.

14 things to help a Sista’ out Financially :

So sistas’ make sure your retirement years are really golden by taking the time today to review your current financial situation and get started on doing the thing necessary to ensure that you will be able to stand on your own two feet!

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