Money Personality: how your money personality is affecting your money habits

When it comes to money matters you may not realize it but your financial success is determined by your money personality. So do you know your money personality or even heard that you have a money personality?

Well keep reading and you will finally have all the answers you need about your money personality type.

What is your money personality and how it works

Understanding Money Personalities

Simply put your money personality consist of the attitudes and feeling that you have that impact how you earn, save, spend and invest your money.

It is your money personality that makes you handle your money differently from others – those unique things about you that influences how you behave with money.

According to Dr. Kathleen Gurney, author of Your Money Personality: What It Is and How You Can Profit from It, there are Nine Money Personality types. These are:

So the key to building a sound financial future is knowing how you react to money and how it influence your personality. Once you get this right then you would have solved most of your problems with managing your finances.

Your Money Personality Profile

I am sure that by now you are ready to find out your money personality profile. So here are two quick online quizes that you can use to see which of the nine money personality profile fits you.

Just remember that to get the most out of the quiz, you need to be honest with yourself and do not try and second-guess what the profiler is looking for. Simply answer all the questions and have fun!

Money Personality Profile for Couples

The 5 Money Personalities

And if you are married Financial advisors Scott & Bethany Palmer have discovered and identified The 5 Money Personalities to help couples get a handle on their finances and to communicate positively and effectively about money.

The book is intended to get couples speaking the same love and money language as it explains the Primary and Secondary Money Personalities, Opposite Dynamics, Financial Infidelity, why couples fight and ways to Fight Fair, and how to use this new money language to reclaim your newlywed dreams.

So check out The 5 Money Personality Profile and really get to know your spouse or significant other and what makes them tick when it come to money.

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