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21 Ways To Jump Start 2014 and Have My Best Year Ever
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Helping A Sista’ Out- With Her Finances
  Do you know when it comes to financial planning, that women face unique financial challenges that, if not appropriately addressed, could put you in a very difficult situation during your retirement years?

 Helping A Sista’ Out- With Her Finances   Facts about women finances Well here are the facts when it comes to women and money: Women generally outlive [...]
Your September is on the way!
It’s back to school again ... And you guessed it!  Even at this early stage the ministry is battling with the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) over the preparedness of the government’s schools for returning and new students. After what seem to be the Ministry of Education’s best year and to their credit attempting to sensitize the public early as to how renovations were going, they continue [...]
Emancipate Yourself In Celebration of Emancipation Day
  Wow it’s August already and you have your first holiday! But do you understand the significant of August Monday? Well it recognizes the Emancipation Proclamation of 1834, which gave slaves their freedom. Freedom that we, people of colour today take for granted, not even recognizing that August Monday is Emancipation Day! The emancipation of the slaves was not a gift given [...]
Glenn S. Ferguson