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Financial WellnessStressed Out Employees

You may not realize it but in these tough economic times your employees are having a difficult time with their money and they need your help

And their financial problems has become your problem because it is showing up at work in the reduced level of productivity that your company is experiencing, which is directly related to the stress and money worries that 80 percentof your employees bring to work each day.

That’s right 80% of your employees come to work each day stressedbecause of money and the economy. 

And when persons are stressed their productivity level drops by at least 10%.

Why is Your Employees’ Financial Wellness Important for You?

Well not only is your company’s productivity being affected but this stress is directly affecting your company’s bottom line as you are getting absolutely zerofor 10% of your company’s annual payroll. 

Ask yourself this question “Can your company afford to be losing 10 percent of its annual payroll to lack of productivity each and every day?”

Your cost is also being negatively impacted by the increase cost associated with:-


  • Absenteeism which averages around $700.00 per employee annually.
  • Work place Accidents. Research by the Herman Group proves that 60-80% of accidents are now work related – for you that means increased insurance cost and you know what group insurance premiums are like now.
  • HR Departments feel the impact of financial stress the most as time wasted on fielding calls from creditors, advance payments, etc., increases by at least 10%
  • Employee Turnover: Many employees in financial stress believe they can earn’ their way out of financial problems by getting another job to make more money



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  • A Full Year Subscription to “Getting Healthy & Wealth with Glenn” for each employee, enabling them to remain on their track to financial wellness with ongoing motivation (value $600.00)
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