Retirement Secrets Exposed 

Retirement's Dirty Little Secrets & Lies            

And What You Can Do About Them!®

Discover How You Can Change Your Employees Retirement Future And Put Them Amongst The 5% of Persons Who will Actually ENJOY their Golden Years 


Hello! Glenn Ferguson here… 

The Problem


Although Bahamians work an average of 80,000 hours during their working years, few spend more than a day preparing for their retirement. Resulting in an increasing number of retiring Bahamians being woefully unprepared for retirement.

This lack of preparedness has resulted in:-

    • 95% of Bahamian’s not being Financially Free or able to afford their retirement after working for 40 years!
    • 76% still having to work because they can’t afford to quit!

And an an increasing number of retirees becoming dependent on:

    • Government
    • Families or
    • Charities



    "And many retirees NOW regretting not having planned their retirement!"



Don’t let this happen to You


Retire With Confidence……And Peace of Mind!

Retirement Secrets Exposed

Will help You to avoid this happening To You!


Session Goals:-

  • Sensitize Bahamians about the need for Retirement Planning
  • Discusses the changing face of retirement along with the psychological, educational and financial preparations that must be made for transitioning to this new retirement model
  • Sensitize Bahamians to a holistic, balanced and integrated approach to retirement planning
  • Provide easily implementable Strategies that will enable retiring Bahamians to transition successfully to retirement.
  • Provide easily implementable strategies that will allow participants to have a purposeful, fulfilling and comfortable retirement. 



This session will help you to:

  • Plan for a purposeful, fulfilling and happy retirement
  • Live out your life purpose across all seven areas of your life – Physical/Health, Family, Financial, Spiritual, Social, Intellectual and Work
  • Create and align your retirement and life purpose
  • Replace the five benefits that work provided
  • Look beyond cultural conditioning and learn a new meaning of success that is more than power, prestige, position, pleasure and property.
  • Accept retirement as a progression in life and not the end of life
  • Identify & Clarify your specific Retirement Issues that will be affecting you
  • Develop timelines, strategies & action plan for your retirement


Topics Covered:-

  • Retirement Dirty Little Secrets & Lies & What to do About Them
  • A Simply Strategy for Achieving A Comfortable Retirement
  • Your Retirement Future


What You Will Learn:-

  • Retirements Three Dirty Little Secrets
  • Six Lies About Retirement That You Had Better Not Believe
  • The New Definition of Retirement
  • Why Retirement is NOW
  • The Five Benefits of Work and Why You Must Replace Them In Retirement
  • The 2 Things That Are Critical To Your Retirement
  • The New Retirement Model
  • The 4 Faces of Retirement and why it is important to make sure you are wearing the right one
  • The 4 Pillars you can use to plan for the new retirement
  • Why Retirement Is Not All About Retiring From Something But Rather Retiring To Something
  • The #1 Thing That You Must Have In Order to Achieve A Successful Retirement and its not MONEY


What You Will Take Away:-

  • A comprehensive and clear understanding about retirement planning
  • Practical steps that can be used right away to jump start your retirement planning
  • A 68 Page Retirement Planning Workbook with practical exercises and examples to help you get started.


Delivery Modality:-

This information-rich course is delivered in an easy-to-understand, interesting format in an informal, enjoyable classroom setting.





The facilitator for these sessions is Glenn S. Ferguson, Retirement consultant,  Advocate, Researcher and syndicated writer.  Glenn designs and delivers programs in the field of Financial and Retirement planning to groups of any size and has been helping individuals and businesses in the Bahamas with their financial planning needs for more than 20 years.


Glenn’s focus is “helping you to painlessly take control of your money so that you can own your pay cheque again to create wealth for you and your family.”


Glenn is Principal of Financial Coaching with Glenn a service geared to empowering you to live the life you want by focusing on what is really important to you and your family. And offers financial and retirement seminars, coaching and consultations. Including:-


    • Retirement Secret Exposed Seminar & Coaching Program
    • Taking Control of Your Money Strategy Sessions with Glenn
    • Jumpstart Your Employees Financial Wellness Coaching
    • Retirement Secrets Exposed - Retirement Dirty Little Secrets & Lie and What You Can Do About Them


Glenn is also the editor of  “Financial Coaching with Glenn” ( a web platform geared to helping you better manage your Money & Retirement; and has been featured on numerous international websites where he provides easy to understand education about money and retirement.